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Upgrade Your Cincinnati Summer with Outdoor Entertainment Tips

Ellie Kowalchik

Ellie leads the Move2 Team and has been a consistent sales leader in the Cincinnati market for over 20 years...

Ellie leads the Move2 Team and has been a consistent sales leader in the Cincinnati market for over 20 years...

Jun 24 1 minutes read

As Cincinnati welcomes the sunny skies and the Ohio River sparkles a bit brighter, the allure of outdoor living becomes irresistible. Sprucing up your backyard in the Greater Cincinnati area – which includes charming spots from Hyde Park to Over-the-Rhine and along the scenic banks of Covington, Kentucky – can transform your home into the ultimate summer hosting venue. Plus, a thoughtfully designed outdoor space not only enhances your summer but also boosts your home’s market appeal significantly.

Create a Cozy Outdoor Lounge

Imagine a riverside view with the city skyline in the background, now make it your everyday reality with an outdoor lounge that mirrors the comfort of your indoor living space. In Cincinnati’s variable climate, opting for weather-resistant furniture ensures your space remains inviting year-round. Incorporate soft, durable textiles and perhaps a pergola for that blend of shade and open sky, emblematic of the open spaces in Mount Adams. A fire pit can serve as a communal hub for those crisp Eden Park-like evenings, while strategic lighting brings the enchanting ambiance of Mariemont's village square right to your backyard.

Design a Dining Area Al Fresco

Dining under the sprawling skies of Cincinnati, with its lush, green backdrop, is an experience unto itself. Tailor an alfresco dining set-up that compliments the architectural beauty and diversity found from West Chester to Newport. A sturdy dining set that reflects the character of your area, complemented with a modern shade solution—be it a chic umbrella or an architectural pergola—can recreate the vibrant atmosphere of Findlay Market dining, right on your patio. Consider an outdoor rug that echoes the artisanal charm of the historic cobblestone streets for a cozy, grounded feel.

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

For the gourmet enthusiasts in Greater Cincinnati, an outdoor kitchen elevates every summer soiree. Start with a high-performance grill as homage to Cincinnati’s rich barbecue culture. Add a prep station for assembling those beloved Skyline Chili-inspired dishes, and if your space allows, a mini-fridge and a sink for easy clean-up. A bar setup, with a nod to the thriving craft beer scene, invites casual conversations reminiscent of evenings spent at Rhinegeist or MadTree Brewing. Integrating local stone or wood can infuse a sense of Ohio’s natural beauty into your culinary haven.

Install a Backyard Theater

Convert your backyard into an open-air cinema that rivals the summer movie nights at Washington Park. All you need is a projector, a makeshift screen, and an array of comfy seating options – think outdoor bean bags or swing seats. Add fairy lights or lanterns for a whimsical touch, setting a scene that’s as magical as the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park after dusk. A popcorn station, stocked with treats, ensures your movie nights are an instant hit, blending the nostalgia of drive-in theaters with the comfort of home.

Add Water Features for Relaxation

Integrate a tranquil water feature, drawing inspiration from the serene flow of the Little Miami River. A simple fountain or a small reflecting pool can introduce a relaxing ambiance, perfect for unwinding. For those hot Midwest summers, a plunge pool or a hot tub offers a cooling retreat, creating a resort-like vibe reminiscent of the luxurious Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center. Surround these features with lush plantings and comfortable seating to craft your private escape into nature.

Garden Games and Activities

Embedding games and activities into your garden transforms your home into a hub of summer joy. From cornhole, a Cincinnati pastime, to a more refined bocce ball court reflecting the historical leisure of Italianate gardens in Newport, there’s something for everyone. For families, consider a play area with amenities like a swing set or a custom-built treehouse - a nod to the adventurous spirit of the city’s explorers Lewis and Clark.

Final Touches

The devil is in the details. In Cincinnati’s vibrant setting, incorporating native plants not only brings bursts of color and life to your outdoor space but also supports local ecology. Opt for durable and stylish outdoor accessories that can weather the Midwest’s mood swings while adding a dash of personality. Don’t forget high-quality outdoor speakers for those long summer nights, serenading your space with the sounds of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra or local jazz bands. Embracing solar-powered solutions ensures your garden is both illuminated and energy-efficient, lighting up pathways and emphasizing your home’s best features.

Embracing these ideas allows you to curate an outdoor entertainment space that brings together the best of Cincinnati’s communal spirit, its rich tapestry of cultures, and the unique charm of your own neighborhood. Whether you’re hosting lively gatherings or seeking solace in a private outdoor retreat, a thoughtfully designed space can elevate your home living experience and make lasting memories for seasons to come.

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